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Lifestyle Medicine


Home Visits

Our Monthly Memberships Include the Following Services

  • Unlimited office visits 
  • Exclusive direct communication with your personal doctor via secure text, email or phone call 
  • Same day or next day appointments 
  • Comprehensive annual physical exam that goes well beyond what is traditionally covered through insurance
  • Comprehensive lifestyle assessment and personalized treatment plan 
  • Access to lifestyle medicine coaching and advise 
  • Customized lifestyle intervention plan on: nutrition, physical activity, restorative sleep, stress management, positive social connections and risky substance use mitigation
  • Unlimited telemedicine visits 
  • Unhurried  appointments
  • Weight management and physician-supervised weight loss
  • Women’s Health and Menopause management  
  • Chronic disease management and medication management including but not limited: menopause management, endocrine disorders, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus type 2, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, stroke primary and secondary prevention, asthma, COPD, chronic or seasonal allergies, migraines or chronic headaches, depression, anxiety, insomnia, NASH or fatty liver, peptic ulcer disease, GERD/gastritis, irritable bowel disease, chronic constipation, BPH, urge urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, chronic anemia, chronic anticoagulation management
  • Comprehensive cancer prevention and screening 
  • Sick visits including but not limited: acute pharyngitis or sore throat, strep throat, ear infections, pink eye or conjunctivitis, acute sinusitis, upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, viral or bacterial infections, urinary tract infections, STD’s, prostatitis, acute diarrhea, acute diverticulitis, acute blood clot disorders, skin infections or cellulitis, dermatitis, shingles, poison ivy, minor musculoskeletal injuries, sprains, 
  • Home visits at members-only pricing 

NOTE: We do NOT routinely prescribe narcotics or opioids for chronic pain.


Individual Patient

$139/month *

*Plus $250 New Patient Enrollment Fee: one-time non-refundable administrative charge. 

Couples & Families


10% discount each family member, adults and

children 18-24 yo living in the same household. 

**Plus $500 New Couple/Family Enrollment Fee: one-time non-refundable administrative charge

Home Visits

$300 Home visit *members only **must be an established member for min 6 months to qualify

Non-Member Consultation

$450 Lifestyle Medicine Consult – non-members (FREE for members) 

$450 Menopause Consult – non-members (FREE for members) 

$250 Work/Sports physical – non members (FREE for members) 

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Whole Person Care